How to find and install Applications in Plesk

Parallels Plesk Panel 10 end-user series

How to find and install Applications in Plesk

Instead of manually creating files, writing the code, and developing a design for your website, you can install web applications that will accomplish most of these tasks for you. You can use the applications to add features to your site, such as a blog, photo gallery, online store, or you can base your site entirely on a single application, such as WordPress or Joomla.

1) Plesk comes with a built-in application installer that’s prefilled with a number of useful applications, and your hosting provider may have added even more. Click the Applications tab.

Featured Applications shows the most recommended and popular apps available for your websites.

2) Select the Learn More button to read about this app.

3) Here, you can view more information about this application before you install it, which you can do by clicking the Install button to the right.

4) Go to All Available Applications. This section shows all the applications, both free and commercial, that are available to be installed. Select a category to view specific apps.

5) To refine the list, choose a sub-category.

We can now view all the applications related to content management on the web.

6) Click an app’s name.

7) Let’s begin installing Joomla by clicking the Install button.

8) Now, you simply accept the terms and conditions, and wait for the system to load with your information.

Exactly what settings you’ll need to enter varies, but most applications will require you to enter the same basic information.

9) Set the location where the app should be installed.

10) Click the Show All Settings link to expand all settings.

11) Enter the site Administrator’s information here.

12) Type the site name.

13) Enter the SMTP Host which Joomla will use to send e-mail. This is usually localhost.

14) The rest of the default settings for this application should be fine, so click Install.

15) The application was successfully installed. Let’s return to the main Applications page.

16) This time, go to Manage Installed Applications.

17) This screen lists all the applications you have installed. If you ever want to change an application’s settings or uninstall an application, this is where you would go. Click an application’s name.

You can click the Administrative Interface link to view the admin interface. If you ever need to change the settings for this app installation, use the Settings button. To Uninstall an application, use the Uninstall button.

That’s it! Now you know how to find and install Applications in Plesk.

How to install Gallery 2 in Installatron

Installatron series

How to install Gallery 2 in Installatron

This tutorial will show you how to install Gallery 2 in Installatron.

1) Go to Applications Browser.

Scroll down until you find the application in the menu on the left.

2) Select Gallery 2.

3) Click Install This Application.

4) Click Next to begin.

5) If you have multiple domains, choose the one where this script should be installed.

6) Set the path here.

7) Click Next.

8) Choose the version you want to install. You should pick the newest version unless you require an older release.

9) Click Next.

You must accept the End User License Agreement to install.

10) Click I Accept.

11) Select your database settings. Leave the default to automatically create and setup a database for you.

12) Click Next.

13) Click Submit to install.

After a moment, the software will be installed. This page will show details about the installation.

14) Click Complete.

15) Click this link to go to your new software and begin setting it up.

Here is your new software, ready to be used.

How to create photo albums in Gallery

Gallery series

How to create photo albums in Gallery

This tutorial assumes you’ve already logged in to Gallery

1) Click the Add Album link

Now let’s learn how to create photo albums

2) Then enter the Album Title here

3) Enter the name of the album here

4) Enter a summary for the album here

5) Enter Keywords for the album here… these will allow for easier searching of photos

6) Then enter an album Description here

7) When ready, click Create

That’s it!  The new album has  been created successfully

This is the end of the tutorial.  You now know how to create an album in Gallery. You can now begin filling your new album with photos

How to edit photos in Gallery

Gallery series

How to edit photos in Gallery

This tutorial assumes you’ve already logged in to Gallery

Now let’s learn how to edit photos

1) Click here to select an album action

2) Select Edit Album

3) Then click Vacation Pictures… which is the name of our album

Let’s choose an item action

4) Click the Edit Photo action

From here we can choose a wide variety of actions to perform on the photo

5) Enter a new Title for the photo here

We can edit all the details of our photo on this page

As you can see, this is also where we can password protect the photo, or adjust the size of its thumbnail

6) When finished making changes, click Save

That’s it! The changes have been saved successfully

7) Let’s return to the album main page… click Vacation Pictures

We can see the new title of our photo here

You can also delete photos from the album from here… let’s demonstrate

8) Select Delete Photo

9) Click Delete

The photo has been deleted

This is the end of the tutorial.  You now know how to edit photos in Gallery

How to install Gallery from Fantastico

Gallery series

How to install Gallery from Fantastico

This tutorial assumes you’ve already launched the Fantastico application

Now let’s learn how to install Gallery

1) Click the Gallery link here

This is the Gallery installation screen

Gallery is an image gallery system featuring albums within albums, thumbnailing specific picture areas, captions, rotate, reorder pictures, album based attributes, album mirroring and more

2) Click the New Installation link here

3) Enter the name of the directory you want to install in… or leave this field blank for installation in the root directory

4) Enter an admin username and password in the following boxes

5) Enter an admin name here

6) Then enter an admin email address

7) When ready, click here to install

8) Click here to finish the installation

That’s it! Gallery has been successfully installed in your account, and is ready for you to start configuring it

9) Click here to login to your new installation

This is the Gallery we just installed.  We can configure and use Gallery from this page.  Let’s close this window now

From here you can visit the site by clicking here or remove the script from your account by clicking here

Your new installation is now listed here on the script’s home page

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to install Gallery to your account from within Fantastico