How to download and install PrestaShop

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How to download and install PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a free shopping cart system. Before you can begin installing it, you will need to go to

1) Click Downloads.

2) Optionally enter your email and information to subscribe to updates and click Download.

3) Click Download.

4) Choose to Save the file and click OK.

5) Once the download has completed, browse to where the file is located and unzip the folder.

You will now need to upload the entire folder to your server. For this tutorial, we will use FileZilla.

You will need to enter the host name and your username and password, then browse to the folder where you want to upload PrestaShop.

6) Double click the folder to open it.

7) Press Control + A to select the entire contents of the upload folder.

8) Now drag and drop the files into FileZilla.

9) Once all the files have been uploaded, go to your web browser and enter the address where you uploaded PrestaShop.

Now, we will go through the steps to install PrestaShop.

10) You must agree to the license conditions in order to install PrestaShop.

11) Click Next.

The database host is entered by default. If it is different than the information shown, you can change it now.

12) You will also need to create a database on the server before continuing.

13) Enter the username, password, and database name you created.

14) Select the Database Engine to use.

15) Click Verify Now.

If you see this message, then PrestaShop was successfully able to connect to your database.

16) Click Next.

17) Type a name for your shop here.

18) Select the Main Activity for your store.

19) Select your default country and the shop’s timezone from the dropdown menus. Also, you can choose to upload your own logo.

20) Enter your personal information here including your first and last name, e-mail address, and the shop password.

21) Click Next.

If you see this page, PrestaShop has been successfully installed.

You now have the choice to view your store front or go to the admin panel to begin setting up your store. Don’t forget to delete or rename your installation directory.

That’s it! Now you know how to download PrestaShop and install it on your server.

How to setup special promotions in PrestaShop

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How to setup special promotions in PrestaShop

If you want to offer sales or coupons to your customers, you can create vouchers in PrestaShop.

1) Go to the Payment tab.

2) Click Vouchers.

3) Click Add New to create a new voucher.

4) Type the coupon code you want to use in the box or click this icon to generate a random code.

5) Select the type of voucher you want to offer: a percentage off the order, a fixed dollar amount, or free shipping.

6) If you select a percentage discount, type the percentage here.

7) Type a Description that will appear in the customer’s cart.

8) Next to Total Quantity, enter the total number of times this discount may be used by any customer. Leave it set to 0 for no maximum.

9) Enter the number of times a single customer can use this discount.

10) Type the minimum amount in dollars that must be purchased for this discount to apply.

11) Click in the From and To boxes to use the pop-up calendar to set the dates this promotion should be available.

12) Choose if you want to display the voucher in the cart summary.

13) Click Save.

That’s it! Now you know how to setup special promotions in PrestaShop.

How to manage your customers in PrestaShop

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How to manage your customers in PrestaShop

This tutorial will show you how to add customers and customer groups.

1) Go to Customers.

2) Click Groups.

3) To create a group, click Add New.

4) Type a Name for the group.

5) If you want this group to automatically receive a discount on all products in your store, enter a percentage here.

6) Click Save.

Now that we’ve made a group, let’s create a new customer to add to the group.

7) Click Customers.

8) Click Add New.

9) Enter the customer’s Last and First names.

10) Type a Password.

11) Enter the customer’s E-mail Address.

12) For the Default Group, select the new group we created.

13) Click Save.

Now that we’ve created a customer and assigned him to a group, we can add an address for him.

14) Click Addresses.

15) Click Add New.

16) Type the Customer’s E-mail Address, which must already exist in the system before you can associate an address with it.

17) Type an Alias.

18) Type the customer’s First and Last Name.

19) Enter the customer’s address including the street, city, country and postal code.

20) Click Save.

That’s it! Now you know how to manage your customers in PrestaShop.

How to use the CMS in PrestaShop

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How to use the CMS in PrestaShop

The CMS or Content Management System in PrestaShop allows you to create custom pages for your site.

1) Go to Tools.

2) Click CMS.

3) Scroll down to the existing pages.

4) Click this icon next to a page to view it.

This is what the page looks like on the site.

5) Click this icon to edit the page content.

6) Edit the category, title, URL and more here.

7) Type in this box and use the WYSIWYG editor to format your page.

8) Click Save.

Now let’s create our own page.

9) Click Add a New Page.

10) Type the Meta Title, Description, and Keywords.

11) Type your page content in this box.

12) Select this option if you want to enable the page.

13) Click Save.

That’s it! Now you know how to create and edit pages using the CMS editor in PrestaShop.