How to design a logo for your website in PhotoShop

PhotoShop CS3 Designer series

How to design a logo for your website in PhotoShop

This tutorial will show you how to design a logo in Photoshop

This tutorial assumes you already have a blank document open in Photoshop

1) First, open the Layers palette from the Window menu

We will begin by creating some text based off of our company, John Doe’s Web Design

2) Click on the foreground color to open the Color Picker

3) Select a color for the text

4) Click OK

5) Select the Type Tool

6) We will type the initials of the company’s owner for this logo

7) Now, we will type the last word of the company name

8) Click and drag the text to re-position it

9) Right click the layer and select Blending Options

We will now add a bit of shadow to the text

10) Select Drop Shadow

11) Turn down the opacity

12) Adjust the angle

13) We will add a stroke around the edges

14) Turn the size down to 1 pixel

15) Change the color to white

16) Click OK

Now, we will create a background around the initials

17) Select the Rounded Rectangle Tool

18) Set the radius to 3 px

19) Click on the color box

20) Select a color

21) Click OK

22) Hold down the Shift key and create a square

23) Click and drag the layer below both text layers

24) We need to move the square below the other layers

The square looks a little plain, so we’ll add some embossing and a gradient

25) Right click the layer and click Blending Options

26) Select Bevel and Emboss

We will leave the default settings

27) Click Gradient Overlay

28) Click on the gradient

We don’t want a black and white gradient, so we need to change the stops

29) Select the first stop

30) Click the color box

31) Using the eyedropper, select the foreground color

32) Click OK

33) Select the second stop

34) Open the color chooser

35) Again, select the foreground color

36) This time, select a slightly lighter blue

37) Click OK

38) Click OK

39) Click OK

Our simple logo now has a bit more depth to it

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to design a logo in Photoshop

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