How to manage contacts in Joomla

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How to manage contacts in Joomla

This tutorial assumes you are already logged in to your Joomla admin panel

1) Click Components

2) Then Contacts

3) Then click Categories

Scroll right

4) Click New

5) Enter a Title

6) The Alias is an internal name that Joomla uses in the URL if SEF is enabled

Entering an alias is optional; and, if left blank, Joomla will create a default one by automatically converting the title to lowercase and replacing any spaces with a hyphen

However, you may manually enter an alias, if desired

7) Click Save

Now let’s add a contact to the new category

8) Click Contacts

Scroll right

9) Click New

10) Type a name for the contact

11) Choose the Category

12) Select the User this contact should be linked to

Scroll down

13) Enter the position this contact holds in the website

14) Type the user’s email address

15) Enter the street address, town, state, ZIP, and country

16) Enter the telephone number

Scroll up and right

17) Select which of the parameters should be shown

18) Click Advanced Parameters

This is where you can choose the icons for each field

19) Click Email Parameters

This allows you to set up an email form that will contact the user

Scroll up

20) Click Save

Now let’s add the contact list to a menu so it will be displayed on the front-end

21) Click Menus

22) Select the menu you want to add the link to

Scroll right

23) Click New

24) Select Contacts

25) Then Contact Category Layout

26) Enter a Title

Scroll right

27) Select the category

28) Click Save

Let’s go to our front-end

The menu link appears here

All the contact information that we entered is displayed on this page

Here is the email form

That’s it! You now know how to manage contacts in Joomla

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