How to manage modules in Joomla

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How to manage modules in Joomla

This tutorial assumes you are already logged in to your Joomla admin panel

The Module Manager is where you can add and edit modules, which are used to display content and media around the main content

1) Click Extensions

2) Then Module Manager

On this page, you can enable, disable, copy, delete, edit or create modules

Disabled modules are indicated by a red X

3) To enable a module, select the checkbox next to the item

4) Then click Enable

5) To disable a module, select it

6) And click Disable

7) To make a copy of an existing module, select the box

8) Then click Copy

Let’s delete the old module that we just copied

9) Select the module

10) Click Delete

Now we’ll edit the new module

11) Select the copy

Scroll right

12) Click Edit

13) Make any necessary changes

Copied modules are automatically disabled, so you will need to enable it before you can use it

14) Select Yes next to Enabled

15) Click Save

Let’s create a whole new module now

Scroll right

16) Click New

On this page, you can choose the type of module you would like to create

17) Select a module type

Scroll right

18) Click Next

Each module type has different options you can set

19) Fill out any necessary information

20) Click Save

Scroll down

The last thing we’ll do is see how to re-order the modules

21) Click the green arrows to move an item up or down

That’s it! You now know how to use the Module Manager in Joomla

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