How to remove or isolate something from the rest of a picture in PhotoShop

PhotoShop CS3 Photo series

How to remove or isolate something from the rest of a picture in PhotoShop

This tutorial will show you how to remove something from an image in Photoshop

This tutorial assumes you already have your image open in Photoshop

1) Open the Layers palette from the Window menu

2) Click on the Quick Selection Tool

3) Make sure to set the tool to Add To Selection

4) Click and drag across the object you want to select

A few extra pixels have been selected

5) Click to subtract from the selection

6) Click and drag to deselect the parts you don’t want

Now, we will feather the area around the selection so it won’t appear jagged

7) Click Refine Edge

8) Adjust the amount to feather

9) Change the amount to contract or expand

10) Click OK

Now we need to put the selection on its own layer

11) Press CTRL + C to copy the selection

12) Press CTRL + V to paste it

The selection has automatically been pasted to its own layer

13) Select the Move Tool

14) Click and drag to re-position the layer

We will use the Crop Tool to get rid of the part of the image we don’t want

15) Select the Crop Tool

16) Click and drag to select the new image dimensions

17) Press the Enter key to apply the crop

To smooth the edges a bit more, we will use the Blur Tool

18) Select the Blur Tool

19) Click and drag around the edges to blur

Now, we will smooth out the area around the head

20) Select the Eraser Tool

21) Click and drag around the head to erase

The last thing we’ll do is use the Clone Stamp Tool to cover up any remnants on the background

22) Click on the Clone Stamp

23) Hold down the ALT key and click in the image to choose a source point

24) Click and drag to fix the bit of jacket that got cut off

25) Click on the background layer

First, we’ll fix the bit of a face that’s sticking out

26) ALT + click to choose a source point on the flag

27) Click and drag to cover up the face

28) ALT + click to choose another source point

29) Cover up the tip of the head that’s showing

The last thing to do is cover up the extra pair of hands that are showing

30) Select a source point

31) Cover up the hands

That’s it! You now know how to remove an object from a photo in Photoshop

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