How to use the Stamp tools in PhotoShop

PhotoShop CS3 Photo series

How to use the Stamp tools in PhotoShop

This tutorial will show you how to use the stamp tools in Photoshop

This tutorial assumes you already have your picture open in Photoshop

1) First, we’ll open the clone source palette from the Window menu

2) Now, select the clone stamp tool

The clone stamp tool creates an exact copy of its source

3) To select the source, hold down the ALT key and click in the image

4) Now, click and drag in the image

As you can see, an exact copy of the ship has been cloned into the image

Photoshop can store up to 5 clone sources per image. These sources are erased once you close the image

5) Click to store another source

6) Hold down ALT and click to select a new source

7) Click and drag in the image

The original ship has been erased from the image

In order to get a more seamless transition, you may need to select several sources around the object you are trying to add or remove

Now, we will learn how to use the Pattern Stamp Tool, which is useful for adding textures to an image

8) Right click the Clone Stamp Tool

9) Select the Pattern Stamp

10) Click and drag in the image to paint the pattern

11) The pattern is much too dark for this image. We will press CTRL + Z to undo

12) First, turn down the opacity

13) Now, click the arrow to show more pattern choices

14) Choose another pattern

15) Click and drag in the image

The clouds at the top now have more texture than before

If you don’t see a texture you like, you can load other presets

16) Click the arrow

17) Click to expand the menu

18) Select a different set of patterns

19) Click OK

20) Now, choose a pattern

21) Click and drag where you want to add texture

More texture has been added to the water at the bottom

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to use the stamp tools in Photoshop

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